Find the best Residential Electricians near me when you’re searching for a qualified and trusted electrician. Connect with the best electrical contractors in your area who are experts at installing and repairing wiring, outlets, light fixtures, and more. If you live in Lubbock or any nearing towns, you can call on Lubbock Electrician Co. to assist you with any emergency electrical services you might require. 

Our team of licensed electricians has years of knowledge and experience to help you with any electrical work you might need in your Texas home like frequent power outages, circuit overloads, faulty wiring, or maybe just regular maintenance.

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Common Electrical Problems that a Residential Electrician Can Fix

Electrical Surges

Lightning strikes, power line damage, faulty appliances, and faulty electrical wiring in the home can all cause electrical surges. While a surge only lasts a microsecond, frequent surges can damage the electrical components connected to your home, significantly reducing their life expectancy.

If you frequently experience electrical surges, the source is most likely an electrical device connected to the home grid or the wiring itself. Our team recommends that you remove any cheaply made devices or power boards from the outlet to see if the surges are reduced. Otherwise, we will have to step in and do more serious electrical work. 

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Circuit Breaker Problems

​Any local electrician will tell you that the circuit breaker in a home is the first line of defense against damage caused by overloads or short circuits. The circuit breaker is intended to interrupt current flow when a fault is detected – in other words, it is intended to alert you when there is an electrical problem.

A circuit breaker that trips on occasion is doing its job of preventing overheating and fires caused by overloads, but a circuit breaker that trips on a regular basis indicates that there are larger issues at hand. A constantly tripping breaker is not only a problem in and of itself, but it is also an indicator of other electrical problems in the home.

If the problem persists and there you aren’t using a lot of appliances at once, then it is time to call up your local electrician from Lubbock Electrician Co. to come in and see what the root of the tripping is. 

Electrical Shocks

An electrical shock is a dreadful sensation. Even though they are usually mild, similar to a static shock, they serve as a reminder that electricity is dangerous when not used properly. Electrical shocks are most commonly caused when you turn a device on or off. The problem could be with the appliance or with the wiring. You can test this by plugging in another device and seeing if the results are reproducible, but doing so will result in another electrical shock.

To avoid electrical shocks or any electrical emergencies from happening altogether, do some research or consult with your local electrician to find out what you can do. Our team can come in and fix the faulty wiring or see if the appliances you are using is the one causing the problems. 

Lack of Outlets

If you have too few electrical outlets in your home, the issue is more serious than whether or not you can charge your phone and use it from the couch at the same time. Due to a lack of outlets, existing outlets may become overloaded, causing circuits to trip quickly. Homes with insufficient outlets to meet the needs of the homeowner can lead to a dangerous reliance on extension cords and an increased likelihood of experiencing frequent surges.

A temporary fix would be to use a heavy-duty extension cord to accommodate all the appliances you need to plug in but we recommend that you have our team do an electrical installation of more outlets to prevent any overloading or tripping in the future.

An Electrician Fixing Exposed Wires

What Questions Should I Ask A Residential Electrician?

When hiring people to provide services, it is the due diligence of the person hiring to ask questions to ensure that who they are hiring can do the job and do it well. Here are some of the most common questions people ask local/emergency electricians and how our team at Lubbock Electrician Co.

Are you a licensed professional? While it may seem like an obvious question, a lot of locals ask us this all the time. Our team can provide you with all the certifications we have from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).


Are you insured? Due to the nature of our work, we have to get insurance coverage to ensure that no matter what happens, we can provide quality service to our clients. We are covered from any professional and general liability as well as worker’s compensation and health insurance.

Do you have any references? As one of the most trusted professionals to provide electrical installations services, maintenance, and emergency electrical services, we have a lot of past clients who would be happy to give you referrals and tell you about the quality of service we provided them with.

Does your service come with a warranty? We provide warranty services to give you peace of mind as a client that we provide excellent service that goes beyond the installation or repair date. 

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Residential Electrician

High-Quality Service

When a local electrician is hired, he or she will do their best to impress the client with the quality of their work in order to persuade him or her to refer more friends and relatives. The process will occasionally serve as a form of marketing for the services that they provide. This means that the higher the quality of services provided, the more customers are likely to be attracted to the area.

Personalized Services

Waiting time is one of the most difficult aspects of working with a large corporation. You run the risk of being reduced to a number after waiting for extended periods of time. When you hire a local electrical company, you can expect personalized service with minimal wait time. With the ease of a phone call, a local company can be at your door. The community provides services such as an emergency line where you can call for immediate assistance. When you have an emergency outside of normal working hours, this type of service is invaluable.

Fair Prices

A local provider does not have as many overhead costs as a large corporation and can be more flexible with pricing. Smaller businesses have fewer employees, and the person providing the service in your home may be able to negotiate the price you pay. In large corporations, the person you meet may not have much clout. This allows smaller, local businesses to develop a personal relationship with their customers and gain a better understanding of their budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do electrician services near me cost?

Electricians typically charge $50 to $100 per hour. Most homeowners pay an electrician between $162 and $522 to visit their home and complete electrical repairs. Hourly and project rates vary depending on the type of project, the service provider’s license, and experience.

When should I call a residential electrician?

Many people call electricians when a circuit breaker fails and their power goes out frequently, but there are other reasons to call that you may not have considered. Here is a list of several reasons why you should call your electrician today.

Sparks. When you start to notice electric sparks whenever you are plugging in or unplugging any device or appliance, it is best to call your local electrician to come and see if there is a bigger problem at hand. 

Lack of Outlets. If you find yourself using a lot of power strips or extension cords and sometimes it still isn’t enough to power all of your appliances, you should consider calling up your local electrician and have additional outlets installed to ensure the overall safety of your household.

A home that is 25 years old or older. With older homes, the electrical system may not be up to date with the current regulations and this could lead to safety hazards. Contact a professional and have them check your system and change out what needs to be updated. 

Lack of Safety Switches. The presence of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) on outlets in bathrooms and kitchens (or any outlet near water) indicates that your home is up to code. If these switches are missing in these rooms or areas, contact your electrician so you can be compliant with all the necessary regulations. 

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