Until we don’t have electricity, we never properly appreciate the comfort & conveniences it provides us as people living in Lubbock and throughout the world. Most commonly when we don’t have electricity it’s due to some weather event or rare incident, but not always.

It’s very common for home electrical systems to fail because the system’s useful life has expired. Early warning signs that your electrical system might be on the bring include tripped circuit breakers or sparking outlets to name just a couple. Indoor and outdoor lighting systems are widely found in industrial, retail and residential spaces.

​The prevalence of failures are more common with more of us working from home nowadays.


How to Tell If Your Electrical System Needs an Upgrade

Here are the signs that will indicate to you that your electrical system is in need of an upgrade.

Circuit Breaker Trips. This is probably the most common sign of electrical system failure. Circuit breakers trip, a breaker flips open, there’s an electrical surge, and the electricity stops.

There are two types of circuit breakers: Frequency controlling and on/off breakers. Frequency controlling circuit breakers turn on & off every couple of seconds or milliseconds in an attempt to regulate the voltage in your home or business.

​They break only when the voltage fluctuates. On/off breakers just cut the electricity off when there’s too much voltage. They don’t regulate the voltage.

​How Long are Electrical Systems Supposed to Last?

The life of an electrical system is dictated by what it is designed to do. For the sake of simplicity let’s go with one 6 phase 200 Volt DC household circuit at 5amp. Even this is a lot of potential energy for one circuit, especially when you factor in potential losses from failures and switching.

The odds of failure are likely to go up as the life of the system extends. And more energy means higher stress to the system, increasing potential for failure. If a system operates optimally you would expect it to fail sooner, rather than later.

Early warning signs that your electrical system needs an upgrade: Conductive metal will turn a dark color. Foil gauges lose their needles. A red LED displays a temperature of 130°F (54°C) Cables will be pulled loose from sockets.

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​What to do if Your Electrical System is Failing

If you suspect your electrical system needs to be replaced or has reached the end of it’s useful life, it’s time to let professional electricians help. It’s critical to consult with an electrical contractor licensed in Texas before anything can be done to your home or business electrical system.

Fortunately there are many contractors here in Texas and across the country who can provide reliable electrical service at reasonable rates. Most electrical contractors are willing to make the effort to do what it takes to help keep customers happy and their system up and running when they need it most. “An electrical repair for a home is different than an electrical repair for a commercial property. It’s more involved and requires more expertise.

A comprehensive inspection and assessment of your electrical system will be to your benefit if you think you might be experiencing a serious electrical problem. Think about where you place the electrical receptacles in your home, and consider how much power they draw at full strength.

​You might be surprised by how much power they actually draw. Keeping your electrical system as up to date as possible and well-maintained is one of the easiest and most effective ways you can keep your electrical system reliable and make sure that you’ll never be left without power.

If you have never hired any residential electricians in Lubbock before, you may not know how much it costs to hire an Electrician. Like every other profession, the cost depends on the kind of professional you choose to do the job for you. Get a free quote, Call now:

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