Any type of homeowner in the Lubbock community knows routine residential maintenance involves addressing the electrical system.

Many people can put up a ceiling fan, replacing light switches, automatic lighting control as well as handling basic wiring. Lots of individuals may not realize what they’re doing with more substantial home electrical issues.

Electrical Problems Troubleshooting At Home

Safety First

The Electrical Safety Foundation International cautions dealing with most home electrical problems by yourself. Each year, 500 individuals die and 1400 sustain injuries from over 55,000 fires leading to $1.4 billion in home damages.

There are safety measures to guard against the dangers and threats inherent with power. There are causes to cut power at the start of anything potentially damaging, resulting in a sudden power loss. If this happens in one part, but not the whole home, this implies some electrical issue tripped this device.

Before deciding to solve any kind of electrical problem by yourself, take into consideration the following to help you determine the best course:

  • Avoid working with electrical power around standing water.
  • For any type of location with also the slightest dampness, utilize a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). The “test” button will certainly turn the power off.
  • Call or Hire an electrician to inspect any type of electrical fixtures and equipment exposed to water.
  • Never get rid of an electrical panel or switch a breaker box alone

    General Precautions & Considerations

    Always presume wires have an active current whenever you see them overhead outside your home. Call Xcel Energy in Lubbock if a tree falls on it or a storm tears it down.

    A Note About Circuit Breakers

    Circuit breakers are the lifeline of a structure’s power and different problems will cause them to shut down, therefore cutting power off. When this happens, with the help of one more person, situate the principal breaker or circuit box in the utility closet or basement.

    Have Our Team Call You

    If breaker switches don’t have a tag, you’ll have to turn them off, one-by-one, to distinguish them. Label them throughout this process or have a licensed residential electrician do it for you. This will certainly prepare you in case of an emergency situation, so you can switch off whatever is required as fast as you can. This can be the fine line between life and death.

    You need to examine your circuit breaker panel from time-to-time to see if there are any kind of signs of heat damage or faults. Catching problems and seeing indications early will save you both time and money.

    Common Home Electrical Concerns

    Although you should leave most electrical concerns to the experts, you may be able to evaluate some. Below is a basic overview to common home electrical concerns in Lubbock:

    Lights Flicker

    Flickering lights can suggest you need to change your light bulb. But if you know the bulb is working, this needs to be investigated by a professional electrician. It represents a poor connection that might lead to a hazardous situation.

    Light Bulbs Burn Out Fast

    Your bulb may be receiving a greater power level than what the fixture can manage if you’re changing out light bulbs much more frequently than anticipated. Examine your bulbs as well as fixtures to ensure you’re using the right bulb.

    Devices Shutdown Breakers

    Several high-wattage devices performing at the same time will certainly overload the circuit and create a power surge. All you have to do is relocate these appliances to different outlets or have an expert install an independent circuit. You could likewise use a power strip to assist and administer power uniformly.

    Outlet Doesn’t Work

    As always, the first thing to do is assess the circuit breaker. If none are off, or “tripped,” and the failure comes from only one outlet, burn out could be the issue. Occasionally an outlet will have black smudge around the inputs. Do not use it and replace the whole thing right away if this is what is happening. This can be dangerous and can create an electrical fire.

    Sparking Outlet

    Often, a sparking outlet is regular. A fast draw on readily available power creates it to spark if an appliance all of a sudden obtains drawn away power. When the current is circulating continually and cost-free, no sparks should happen.
    Another reason for sparking is when too much heat develops in an outlet. The possibility for fire increases as the cords come to be exposed and short circuit.

    Water exposure also triggers outlets to spark and can lead to a short circuit. When extreme dampness is present, a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) will shut the circuit down.

    On/Off Light Fixtures

    Recessed lights have a built-in shutdown feature to avoid getting too hot. Once the component is cool, it comes back on. This is due to the fact that there’s a bad match between the component and the light bulb. Ceiling insulation touching the component can also trip this safety mechanism.

    Home Electrician Checklist in Lubbock

    When picking a licensed electrician to perform a home assessment in the Lubbock area, it’s essential to be sensible. See to it they discuss the following:

    • GFCIs— Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets are generally located in cellars, kitchens, bathrooms and garages. When overloaded or short circuited, these have tiny breakers that shut off.
    • Light Switches— Many problems can develop with a light switch like reversed polarity, hazardous or subjected wiring, ungrounded circuits, staining, broken or loose switch plates and also other concealed warning signs.
    • Outlets— incorrect wiring, loosened wiring and also turned around polarity of electric outlets must be a concern throughout a home inspection around all outlets in the house.
    • Wires— Electrical wiring can sustain various damages that can be dangerous as well as vulnerable cables or cables hanging on pipes or warm air ducts.
    • Key Breaker or Fuse Box— The assessing electrician needs to examine and guarantee there’s enough clearance in its resting place as well as if circuit breakers are the appropriate dimension. This consists of checking blown fuses, oxidation, rust, aluminum branch wiring, moisture and overheated elements.
    • Electric Meter— Meters can sustain issues like poor installation as well as damaged seals. It suggests that water is present if corrosion is visible.

    Lubbock Electrician Company offers electricians every day of the week, all year round. If you are having home electrical problems, we’re prepared to bring you the solutions you need.

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