Our houses are cleaner and more convenient because of electricity, but it is not without faults. You’ve certainly seen sparking light outlets.

While plugging something into a socket at some time. A slight sparking light outlet may be just that, but with about 500 people dying each year from home electrical fires, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Check out these reasons why your electrical sockets could be flashing to ensure the safety of your home and family. What is automatic light control?

Automated lighting controls use a specified input to switch or dim lighting systems automatically. This functionality’s automation has the potential to deliver considerable benefits.

Smoking Outlet That Causes Fire

Circuits that have been broken

A short circuit is a circuit through which a current passes it with very little resistance. It happens as components (nodes) come into contact, resulting in much higher resistance. Short circuits are a concern since a low-resistance circuit will quickly overheat and melt the wires’ insulation.

​Exposed wires can trigger a spark, resulting in a fire, when an electrical connection is made with the outlet. A short circuit is very risky, and a licensed electric company like Lubbock Electrician Co. can treat it to ensure that it is handled correctly.


Mixing water and electricity does not do any good. You can experience various electrical system issues, including outlet sparking, whenever your outlet comes into contact with water. Place a ground fault circuit interrupter in your outlet to keep it from flickering if it comes into contact with water. If water is observed, a ground fault circuit interrupter will switch off the electricity to an electrical outlet.

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There are moments where you don’t have to be nervous with outlet sparks. The home’s power runs through all available circuits before returning to the main electrical grid without interruption. When we plug something in or switch it on, the energy is quickly diverted to the outlet in use, resulting in a short spark. This type of spark is similar to a static electricity spark and should not be a cause for alarm.



It is likely to overwhelm one of your home’s electrical circuits when your home is split into separate electrical circuits. There is a better risk of sockets flickering in your bedroom if you have several appliances plugged into the circuit that powers your bedroom but none plugged into your kitchen. Make an effort to avoid overloading circuits. Similarly, don’t overwhelm one socket with so many appliances.

Electric Outlet Repair

Repairs and installations that aren’t finished properly

licensed electrician like we have in Lubbock Electrician Co. should always do all types of electrical installation or maintenance. Any kind of electrical work, including dying outlet repair, is risky, and employing an unqualified electrician can be much riskier in the long run.

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What Should I Do to Keep Bad Sparks at Bay?

All sources, as you now know, can inevitably ignite. The ultimate aim is to avoid unnatural sparks, which you can do with the aid of Lubbock Electrician Co. Installing electrical safety devices is a smart way to avoid outlets that ignite poorly.

Often keep in mind that electricity is dangerous, particularly when wires are crossed or electrical current comes into contact with moisture. If one of your outlets happens to be constantly flickering, call us at Lubbock Electrician Co. we will get you a professional residential electrician as soon as possible, and never attempt to tap into a disabled socket.

Electricity has the potential to be both beneficial and dangerous. Although outlet sparking is a typical side effect of power shifts, it may also mean something more significant. You can be at risk of an electrical fire if the outlets contact water or are short-circuiting. Make sure that only a certified specialist works in your home’s power to keep it clean. 

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