​If you have never hired any residential electricians in Lubbock before, you may not know how much it costs to hire an Electrician. Like every other profession, the cost depends on the kind of professional you choose to do the job for you.

In residential electrician work, the charges will depend on a few things including the task at hand and the experience level of the electrician. Our houses are cleaner and more convenient because of electricity, but it is not without faults. You’ve certainly seen sparking light outlets.

Most residential electrician charges reflect the complexity of the job and how well the electrician will do the job. With that in mind, always pick an electrician that is within your budget and can effectively solve your home electrical problems.

At Lubbock Electrician Co. you will get value for money and you won’t get a shocking answer when you ask ‘How much does a residential electrician charge for work?’

Factors Contributing to Residential Electrician Charges

Residential electricians charge different rates depending on a few factors that we will discuss below. There are two ways in which a residential electrician’s work can be billed, that is hourly or per project. In both of these billing systems, the following factors will affect the rate:

Distance to your home

How far from the electricians do you stay? The distance that a residential electrician has to cover to get to your home is one of the things that we factor into the residential electrician charges at Lubbock Electrician Co. If your home is not so far from our electricians, then the cost will not be as high as that of a customer on the far end of Lubbock.

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Type of Electrician

Residential electrician work is graded and licensed differently, depending on the experience level of each electrician. There is the Master, The Journeyman, and the Apprentice. All of them can do the job you want but it all depends on how well you want the job done. The Master will do a perfect job and charges will also be as high as the perfection.

​An Apprentice will cost the least because of the experience level. However, all Lubbock Electrician Co. residential electricians are equipped with the right skills to do an outstanding job without exaggerating the price of the service.

Complexity of the Job

Residential electrician work is broad. You might want a simple job like a light fixture or a complex one like wiring. More complex tasks will require a highly skilled electrician, which will increase the price you have to pay for that job. The amount of time the electrician will spend doing the job is also a way to gauge whether the task is an easy one or a complex one.

Below is an approximation of the residential electrician charges for different electrical system jobs at Lubbock.

  1. Light Fixtures – $70-$750
  2. Upgrading Electrical Panels – $500-$4000
  3. Installing Generators – $1000-$6000/Repairs – $350
  4. Installing sockets or a switch $150-$200
  5. Installing smart home devices – $1200 or more depending on type of devices

Average rates per hour for different licensed residential electricians at Lubbock

  1. Master – $100
  2. Journeyman – $65
  3. Apprentice – $40

Lubbock Electrician Co. is a hub of professional and reliable residential electricians with affordable rates and excellent work ethic. We give you value for money and make sure all your lighting problems are sorted. Hire a residential electrician from our pool today and take advantage of our fairly affordable residential electrician charges.  Lubbock Electrician Co. will help you in automated light controlling systems in commercial and industrial buildings using a combination of instruments and systems.

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