Having reliable electricity delivered to your property, during construction or throughout the tenure of ownership is obviously essential.

Searching for a Lubbock electrician?

Having a home electrical problems like light fixtures, wiring or some other part of your home electrical system?

The expertise of our team at Lubbock Electrician Co. mean you are being served by the best and most experienced professional electricians.

You will be visited by one of our residential electricians at an affordable price.

Residential Electricians Near Me

We have been providing our services to the Lubbock region for numerous years and are proud to have delivered results to hundreds of private properties over the city.

If you are building your new home, hoping to have extra automatic lighting, lighting, or wiring or updating across your electrical system, you can rely on us to make sure that no wires or outlets causes fire. The vast knowledge and experience of our local electrical contractors make sure of this.

Lubbock Electrician Co. will do work at such a high quality that we guarantee long lasting results.

House Wiring

For those who are building their own homes or are needing to have a total rewiring done for older properties, contact us. We are the most experienced electrical contractors in the city.

Our company makes it as simple as possible, giving you straight forward methods for reaching the experts that we have available. You can schedule the work to a time that suits.

We don’t just work with to accommodate your schedule but also work with your budget constraints that you may have. 

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Extensions and Additional Home Electrical Systems

If you are building an extension to your property, installing a garage, or creating an outdoor living space, our team can help.

You need the best Lubbock domestic electricians to provide the highest level of expertise. When you contact our experts, we will advise you about the range of services we offer. Once we have some info, we can provide in detail about the project.

Not only that, we also offer thermostat replacement

Power Outage

Ending up without power in your home, day or night is a horrible position to be in. You can rely on Lubbock Electrician Co. to be available to you anytime, every day of the year.

As soon as you call us rest assured, we are on the job and will be at your home as soon as possible.

​We use our expertise to restore power as soon as possible.

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