​For any confident do-it-yourselfer, it’s easy to replace a dimmer switch. But as for any project involving electricity, it’s important to exercise vigilance. Read on for the info on getting the job done safely and efficiently.​

Electrician Fixing A Dimmer Switch


So How Do You Fix A Broken Dimmer Switch?

Step 1: Turn off the breaker panel control and double-check that no power is available.

Step 2 Take the plate out of the screws, slowly pull the dimmer switch, show the wires to make them visible.

Step 3: Using a screwdriver, cut the wires that connect to the switch.

Step 4 In addition to the existing cables, add the new dimmer switch to ensure the cord colors match and the light switch.

Step 5 Pull the wires carefully to make sure they are attached because loose cables lead to a broken dimmer switch and pose a risk to life.

Step 6: Reconnect the cables to the wall and activate the new dimmer switch.

Switch on the energy source and check the room’s illumination to ensure it works. Double-check the wire ties if it still doesn’t work.

The Common Dimmer Switch Issues

The dimmer switch regulates the amount of light in the room, Dimmer switches are becoming more popular to achieve a silent or bright environment in a home.

The dimmer switch can be obtained with a single-pole switch. One of the main benefits of dimmer switches is that they are of good environmental quality, and that the management of automated light in the room saves energy. They are also prone to having issues which include:

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Dimmer switches have the following most common problems:

The Buzzing Of The Dimmer

This is an unbelievably common dimmer switch issue. There may be several theories, including a light bulb epidemic. The only way to uninstall the flashing lamps is by emitting the lamp directly. It may be that you are overpowering the power capacitor of the switch if the sound comes from the dimming switch, so keep track of how much you use the dimming lights and the power they consume.

Broken Dimmer Switch Repaired By Lubbock Electrician

The Dimmer Is Not Dimming.

You might also be perplexed that your dimmer switch doesn’t work at all; the main reason for this is that your dimmer switch is overloaded, which means that the amount of energy in the circuit is less and cannot dim correctly.

The Dimmer Switch Stopped Working After The Light Bulb Was Replaced.

And if your lamps have been removed, your dimmer switch can not operate due to a loose cable, only a licensed electrician may set it up. It is most definitely due to loosening wiring or poor connections if your lights constantly flash in your house, as described earlier.

Does Your Lighting Flicker Excessively, Or Does Your Dimmer Switch Not Work As They Should?

There are signs that the light ballasts may be repaired or substituted.

While it seems like you require only a pair of gloves and a screwdriver, the operation is much more complicated than that and is almost always done by a certified skilled electrician. Our electricians will come and ensure that your lighting is correctly maintained with all necessary equipment.

For example, dimmer switches have several wires that a professional electrician can only reconnect, and there are security issues such as fires and electrocution.

Our electricians will replace, restore, and mount everything from plug-in light switches to Fixing broken dimmer switches, based on the lighting setup in your house, to ensure that the home light installation fits your needs!

Do I Need An Electrician To Replace Dimmer Light Switches?

We highly encourage you to employ a professional electrician when it is possible to repair the light or dimmer switches, we offer such services only at Lubbock Electrician Co.

The regulation regulating who should manage electricity in a house is very strict. These laws are referred to as “housing rules,” which mandate that the householder or owner ensure that electricity is correctly done without placing people who work on the property at risk.

You can depend on our reliable team at Lubbock Electrician Co, We have expert electricians on the line who will provide you with the cost, time, and any additional information you require about installing switches.

Though we are based in Lubbock, we serve customers outside the borders of Lubbock. 

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