A ballast is a crucial component of fluorescent lamps that most people are ignorant of. Ballasts are tiny rectangular devices mounted within fluorescent light fixtures to control the current amount that passes through the bulbs.

Changing the bulbs in a fluorescent light that starts humming or flickering would not fix the problem in light ballast and dimmer light.

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You Will Use This Method To See If The Ballast Has To Be Replaced.

The replacement of an electric light ballast is a common project in residential and industrial buildings. An electric ballast is an instrument that controls power currents such that uncontrollable speeds are not reached. In any light framework like fluorescent or neon lighting installation systems an electronic ballast may be applied.

Depending on the scale of the substitute project, a licensed electrician is not always needed. It’s safer to contact a registered electrician before trying to replace them if you don’t have any tools or expertise. To make the procedure simpler, below are the responses to three often asked questions about replacing an electrical ballast.

What Is The Distinction Between An Electrical And A Mechanical Ballast Replacement?

You’ll need to change the electrical ballast in the automated lighting or any device at any point, whether you have neon or fluorescent lights, much as you would for a light bulb. Any electric ballast replacement is a more cost-effective option than replacing the neon or fluorescent light entirely. When the electrical ballast has to be removed, the light will begin to flicker or avoid operating altogether.

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Is It Feasible For Me To Use My Own Ballast Instead Of The Provided One?

A ballast replacement is also something you can do on your own. While removing a ballast is an easy operation, if done poorly, you risk destroying the new bulb as well as the fixture. Before trying the replacement yourself, make sure you are positive and understand all of the steps taken; otherwise, you could wind up with expensive bills that you were expecting to stop.

If you need any help or have any questions regarding electrical ballast replacement, please get in touch with our team of experienced electricians at Lubbock Electrician Co. located in Lubbock, we would be able to sort you out.


How Often Can Fluorescent Light Ballasts Be Replaced?

Ballast can be replaced after 20 years on average. It would eventually lose the ability to control the amount of electricity flowing to the bulbs.

To stop damage to the fixture, make sure the right size ballast is installed. Replacing a ballast necessitates rewiring a large portion of the light fixture. Furthermore, there are two types of ballasts: magnetic and mechanical, each with its own mechanism for controlling and stabilizing the volume of power flowing to the bulbs. Replacement of commercial ballasts, in particular, often necessitates the use of a ladder or a scissor lift.

In a nutshell, fluorescent ballast replacement is a task best left to a licensed electrician.

What equipment will I need to replace the ballast?

Fortunately, removing an electronic ballast would not require a completely stocked tool shed. A few basic tools are enough for the majority of electric ballast substitutions. A basic screwdriver, nut driver, drill, pliers and wire stripper might be required depending on the form and size of the replacement. With all these, a new electric ballast is installed.

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