Lubbock Electrician Co. is the most experienced in Lubbock when it comes to servicing industrial properties. We can provide reliable electrical services to industrial properties. This is a talent our industrial electricians possess. This comes with specialized coaching and years of experience.

Electrical Contractor

Industrial Electrician

Knowing how to safely and reliably deliver the amount of electrical power that is required for modern industrial properties is important. This requires a higher level of expertise than your standard electrical job.The personnel on such a job need a special level of training.

We have been the giving the people of Lubbock a broad variety of electrical services for industrial properties for many years. We will be doing it for many, many years to come. Why is that? Because we focus on meeting the needs of our customers and doing work that we stand by.  

Electrician Maintenance Services

Just as important as having good electrical systems in the first place is having a highly trained maintenance team. The maintenance electrician’s job is to ensure you receive a consistent source of power.

Electrician Repair Services

If you discover you are in need of repair services that involves any type of industrial electrical systems, call us.  We pride ourselves on being one of the best electrician companies out there. Not just in Lubbock. 

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Specialized Skill

Not just any electrician can provide you with the services you need regarding industrial electrical systems. There is a significantly more amount of voltage that goes into almost every aspect of the property.  
The electrician can use their expertise to assess what is required to complete the job safely.

Our experts have been the electricians of choice in the Lubbock zone for industrial electrical services.

​Again, we are available throughout the year for this service.  Lubbock Electrician Co. is a reliable and responsive service during an emergency

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