If you find yourself dealing with an electrical emergencies or power outage in your home or business, you will most likely need an emergency electrician.

Lubbock Electrician Co. offers a 24/7 call out service. We will aim to attend as soon as possible.

Whatever the issue might be, you can rely on our specialists to be the source of value solutions. All you have to do is call our office, night or day.

Emergency Electrician Connecting Electrical Wires

24-Hour Electrician Near Me

Unfortunately, at one point you may you find yourself searching the internet for a phrase such as “emergency electrician near me”. There is a good chance you will come across our website. 

This will give you with the information you require on the different services that we offer.  

We are committed to delivering great customer service 24-hours per day, each day of the year. We make sure we can provide both residential  and businesses owners proficient electricians when required.

Residential Services

Reliable electrical systems in your home is very important. If you require any sort of electrical work, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Our expert team are available for all residential tasks and will ensure the safety of your home.

Commercial Services

We understand the importance electrical systems are to most businesses. That is why Lubbock Electrician Co. and aims to reach you quickly.

Our highly trained electricians will use their expertise to get everything up and running.

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Rapid Response

We aim to stand out amongst our competition by responding as quickly as possible to you, our customer. No matter what time of day.

The minute our telephone rings, we use the information provided to dispatch our nearest 24 hour electrician.

When putting your trust in our expert electricians, you can rely upon a service that is devoted to quality in all viewpoints. Whatever the issue, you can rely on Lubbock Electrician Co. to give solve the problem.

How Much Does an Emergency electrician Cost?
When an emergency arises, you need the work done. But you don’t want to be taken advantage of just because you are in desperate need of an electrician to restore your house or business back to normal. We are very transparent about our pricing and don’t apply large surcharges. Check out our page on Emergency Electrician Costs to get get a better idea of how how charges are structured for emergency repairs. 

What Type Of Electrical Problems Are Considered To Be An Emergency?
It is a really good idea to spend a few minutes learning what electrical problems are an actual emergency. You don’t want to go to the inconvenience and incur any additional expense getting something fixed when it could have waited until the next day or even a few days. We lay out what constitutes an electrical emergency so that you can best manage your home and your business.

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