The impact of an electrical failure in an office building, apartment complex, retail store, or any other commercial property can be significant, from both a financial cost and business impact standpoint.

What’s more, electrical failures can cause fires and power outages which can put the safety of people inside buildings at risk. The good news is that proactive maintenance by a qualified commercial electrician is a very effective way to prevent crippling electrical failures.

Regular maintenance helps spot potential problems and fix them before they become an issue. Our team of master electricians at Lubbock Electrician Company have more than 40 years of combined experience servicing commercial properties.

​In this article we make a case for the 5 most important reasons that answer the question…Why is electrical maintenance important for commercial properties?

Electrical Malfunctions Can Cause Fires.

Nearly every major fire happens because of a malfunctioning electrical system. On average, almost one percent of residential fire deaths and approximately 15 percent of home fire deaths are caused by malfunctioning wiring. Even without an electrical system failure, every working smoke alarm, electrical fire detection system, and fire sprinkler system are essential in protecting people and property.

​Electrical malfunctions can cause power outages. A recent analysis found that the number of reported power outages grew substantially over the years. The number of power outages increased by a whopping 3.6 million (37%) from 2004 to 2015. Electrical power outages cause interruptions to business operations, equipment and information.

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Electrical malfunctions can cause property damage.

People often think that breaking an electrical system in a commercial property will break everything. While that might be the case for some, that is not always the case. The good news is that keeping up with your electrical maintenance on commercial properties will keep your assets in shape.

The average commercial property has multiple electrical service circuits with each circuit feeding off the other. These circuits are often combined into the circuit breaker, which means there is often only one circuit breaker per circuit.

​In situations like these, if one circuit fails, the rest of the circuits will remain intact. However, if the breakers on any of the other circuits fail, the circuit breaker on that circuit will activate. This can cause a fire or possibly even an explosion.

Electrical malfunctions can cause injuries.

Frequent electrical repairs, system upgrades and repairs to the systems on your commercial properties can cause injuries. One simple way to help avoid injuries caused by electrical malfunctions is by ensuring you have a qualified electrician service the systems on your property.

One of our master electricians will be able to assess the condition of your systems and provide an in depth explanation of what repairs and upgrades need to be done to avoid potential injuries. Electricity can hurt.

​Frequent electrical breakdowns and outages can be extremely damaging to your commercial properties and, according to the research department at Air Technologies, can cause up to $250,000 in property damage annually.

Electrical malfunctions can cause power outages.

If you have a commercial property, it may be generating electricity for tenants in their own offices or other users. If the system fails or is overloaded and loses power, then the tenant will be left without power and no way to run their electronic equipment, causing serious problems for the property and damaging it.

​Lighting and heat are just two of the many common electrical devices that can fail when there is a power outage. Electrical failures can cause fires. Some electrical components are susceptible to fire, including transformers, circuit breakers, fuses and switches. These components could be faulty, a fault is discovered, or some other unforeseen event causes the failure.

Electrical malfunctions can cause high utility bills.

Commercial properties are typically rented out, and they’re often inhabited by several occupants at a time. When you’re running two or three commercial electrical circuits, there’s a lot more work for the owner of the commercial property. High utility bills are very common with commercial buildings.

​If an electrical failure occurs, you’ll be responsible for paying the bill. By performing a regular electrical maintenance program on commercial buildings, you reduce the chances of an electrical failure, which can help you save on your monthly bills. Electrical malfunctions can cause injuries. Keeping an eye on the electrical system is incredibly important, especially in commercial spaces. Lubbock Electrician practices to check and test any electrics according to the risk associated with the workplace.

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