In this article we aim to give you some average cost of repairs and parts around Texas. What you will notice is that prices are fairly steady across our sunshine state, but there are some differences.

Why not just show rates for Gainesville you ask? Well we do that too, we have written about that extensively. But many of our Gainesville clients also have property around the state, and they often ask us what they should pay for a job done somewhere else? Or did they pay a fair price in some town else?

So in the interested of giving out customers the information they seek, we decided to put this together.

If your electrical switch, light switch or wall outlet has stopped working, or you want to add new outlets or replace a circuit breaker, an commercial electrician is the best person for the job.

Even though it’s possible for homeowners to repair or install electrical switches and outlets themselves, electrical work is often difficult and dangerous and requires special tools. Many people prefer not to tinker with their electrical maintenance system for safety reasons.

​The total price for repairing or installing electrical switches or wall outlets include labor costs, parts and location.

The average cost of labor for electrical repairs in Texas

In Texas, the average cost of labor is $33.65 per hour. You’ll pay a higher hourly rate in high-density, urban areas such as Fort Lauderdale or Miami. The price per hour in the Orlando and Tampa regions is also higher.  

The average cost of parts for electrical repairs in Texas

The average cost of electric repairs in Texas was $167.14, which is down slightly from $180.79 in 2017. There were 1,009 repair calls in 2018, down from 1,116 in 2017. The cost of electrical repairs in the home varies, but the prices ranged from an average of $67.81 for replacing a switch, switchboard or outlet, to $354.52 for replacing the circuit breaker.

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​Facts about electric repairs in Texas Most of the work related to electrical repairs can be completed in-house. If you need a part or component for your electrical system, it’s best to buy it from a reliable source rather than risk damaged or expensive replacements.

​You’ll find electrical parts at retailers, appliance stores and hardware stores, or you can buy replacement parts online or by mail.

The average cost of location for electrical repairs in Texas

Starting from $290 Average cost for electrical repairs in Texas for each location. Once a technician has identified the problem and determined the best course of action, the price of an electrical repair in Texas can vary based on the location of the repair and the services being provided. Using this list, it’s easy to see the average cost for the most common repairs in Texas and the other Texas cities mentioned below.

The average cost of electrical repairs in Texas $450 – $620. Electrician estimated prices vary depending on their experience and the type of job. Low-voltage electrical repairs are usually more affordable than high-voltage repairs. High-voltage electrical repairs include replacing switch plates, circuit breakers and sockets.

A comprehensive electrical inspection will provide you with peace of mind. Besides checking for radon or asbestos, you should also check for electrocution hazards, faulty electrical outlets, burnt-out lights and more. And be sure to find out what you need to do to make the most of these inspections.

​Once you have the necessary information, be sure to take care of any issues immediately. With the proper knowledge and equipment, you can make the best decision for you. Lubbock Electrician practices to check and test any electrics according to the risk associated with the workplace.

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