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We pride ourselves on your complete satisfaction, and as such we understand simply how crucial an extensive assessment is prior to you committing to having us work for you.

We take a highly bespoke approach in reacting to all issues, so will make the effort to respond to all your questions about A/C repair, setup, or anything else associated with the work we are doing, including  our rates or anything about our services.

We ensure you have a total understanding of what sort of repair or setup we are going to carry out, so you do not need to stress about getting surprised with repair costs for work we never ever went over. We are ethical without fail.

Credible A/C Repair Work Providers

Air Conditioning systems are complex machines that include a variety of parts that can eventually fail with time.

We suggest that all homeowners call us in order to organize maintenance, services or repair, to ensure their cooling system stays in excellent shape and continues to cool you through those long days and nights.

It’s great practice to get your family’s air conditioner system examined every number of years when less than 5 years of age, and every year when older than 5 years. 

Some normal A/C problems for you to be familiar with:

  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • A malfunctioning blower
  • Broken Thermostat
  • Air Compressor Issues
  • Dirty Air Filters/ Air Ducts
  • Harmed Evaporator Coils

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AC Replacement

Very few air conditioning unit owners and users make the effort to find out how their device works.

We don’t mean learning about all the technical details (after all, you should leave that knowledge to the experts, like us!), but rather a general understanding of how to extend the life of your air conditioner unit. 

By not understanding the efficiency of various air conditioning systems, can become a disadvantage to air conditioning unit users and result in the routine need for AC repair services. This could also lead you to change your AC unit more often, which would cost you more money. 

Routine repair work will always help you extend the use of your air conditioning system. However, should you need a new AC unit, we can suggest the best air conditioners that meet your specific requirements. 

Deal With Knowledgeable Specialists

A great deal of times, to save money, home owners or commercial homeowners utilize merely any person to set up an AC repair service.

Do not lose your money and time looking for somebody who can repair anything and does it at a terrific rate. This is what we do!

Call us today at 806-450-1465​ for a free quote. 

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Regularly Clean Your A/C System

If your air conditioning system is set up outside the home or apartment,  it is vital to get your a/c system tidied up from time to time.

Give us a call to see what our rates are. 

Energy-Saving Thermostat Setting

The reason why many air conditioning units need maintenance and/or repair work is severe load. 

The difference between the outdoor and indoor temperature levels can make a huge impact on your air conditioning system. 

Ensuring that you have the most energy efficient setting in place will make it much easier for your AC unit to work its best. 

Check the Filters

Congested filters activate overheating and can trigger your AC system to completely break down.

Filter tracking is a vital part of our AC repair work services, while filter cleaning is a task home owners can do by themselves.

If you find that your air conditioner filter is dirty, either clean it on your own or give us a call immediately.

By understanding how your air conditioning system works, homeowners like you can conserve a great deal of money by not needing to purchase brand-new AC systems too often.

Please give Lubbock Electricians a call at 806-450-1465​ if your air conditioner still has concerns even after taking all needed preventive action.

There are machines that needed in a place like West Texas where temperatures can skyrocket or drop and thus, you need a trusted local HVAC contractor in Lubbock. Find more about HVAC contractor here.

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