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Looking for an experienced electrician in Lubbock TX? Lubbock Electrician Co. has you covered. 

Our expert electricians have the skills and experience you need. We not only install light fixtures to whole electrical systems for industrial properties. But you can also contact our team of electricians if you need an emergency electrician or just general maintenance.

You can be rest assured a fully licensed electrician is on hand for whatever electrical service you require.

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It's a fantastic area with remarkable customer care and also several of the most effective work done. I often create reviews yet in this case, William definitely deserves it. He was definitely a really specialist, very inexpensive, client but what amazed our household is that this man went above various other aircon services. Found problems we really did not even understand were an issue. Dealt with things he didn't actually require to deal with. He addressed each and every single concern we had with persistence and also was extremely educated. I suggest this business if you have any concerns with your AC.
Kuphal Andrews
Kuphal Andrews
The team set up some ceiling fans as well as moved a light fixture for us and did an excellent job. Lubbock Electrician Co. replied to our preliminary request within 15 mins as well as set up a service call for the next day. They let us understand when they get on the means and arrived on schedule. The prices were extremely affordable. I would recommend them to anyone. Rapid solution, respectful worker, as well as reliable, highly suggest!
Cinnamon Elton
Cinnamon Elton
They did an excellent job in an extremely timely way, with very fair pricing. At Lubbock Electrician Co., they surpassed my expectations for job. They carried out at my home as well as set up numerous lighting fixtures as well as did so in an effective, efficient way. The staffs were on time and also cleaned up after they were finished. I would highly advise using them for any kind of electric demands.
Seamon Guth
Seamon Guth

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Home & Business electrical services


Lubbock Electrician Co is proud to offer the city of Lubbock a complete range of services performed by qualified electricians. Services include (but are not limited to) installation, maintenance, and repairs. 

Our experienced electricians can fix any electrical issue you encounter.

From the main structures on your property to any peripheral spaces, power outage services, or in an emergency situation, you can give us a call and call having the confidence that one of our qualified electricians will be on-site soon. 

Our team of expert electricians is here to provide the highest quality service and results for the fine Texans in Lubbock.

What To Look For Before Hiring An Electrician-(Infographic)



A dependable source of power is a basic need for all businesses.

Commercial buildings require a wide variety of electrical work, from small residential-type electrical installations to large-scale power distribution for factories.

In order to meet the needs of a diverse clientele, our commercial electricians provide a number of services including wiring, installation, and repair.

Whether it’s an office, a retail store, or event space, our team of expert electricians can install wiring, repair electrical systems or outfit a new property or a redevelopment project. 

Commercial electrical systems are not the same as residential systems and thus you should only entrust a licensed and experienced commercial electrician for all of your business’s electrical needs.

Advantages of Hiring Commercial Electricians for Your Business

Electrical Codes

Electrical systems have electrical codes and regulations that the average person does not understand, so you will need commercial electrical contractors to handle this.

We have the knowledge and experience to ensure employee safety and adherence to legal regulations designed to keep people safe from electrical harm and risk.

It will also contribute to a safe working environment for your employees, allowing them to work without fear of harm or injury.

Commercial Lighting and Its System

As a business owner, you want the correct type of lighting system installed in your place of work. Your employees require adequate lighting to perform their duties and navigate your workplace correctly; otherwise, they may be involved in an accident or make a mistake with their tasks.

The proper type of commercial lighting will also help you save money on your electricity bill, which is only available from a commercial electrician.



Over the years, there are bound to be improvements with the continued technological advancements. Our professionals will come in and review the system you currently have in order to improve it and make it more efficient.


Skilled commercial electricians can detect electrical hazards in your building, whether they are visible or hidden. Without having these inspected, they run the risk of igniting an electrical fire or causing other hazards that can cripple your business and expose your employees to harm.

Hiring electrical professionals will ensure that your workplace is free of these hazards, thereby ensuring a safe working environment.



Electrical Problems Troubleshooting At Home

Whether you are building your home, adding to it, or simply just needing some minor electrical work done, we have a team of dedicated electricians focused on taking care of our residential customers. 

We know that the finish is especially important when talking about electrical work inside the home, we don’t leave any wires showing, the switches will click firmly into place and everything will feel just as it should. 

We are available 7 days per week, all year round, and our electricians will visit homes all throughout Lubbock and surrounding areas. So if you’re searching residential electricians near me, chances are we are near you.

When Should I Call A Residential Electrician?

Is your circuit breaker tripping every few days, causing you to be in the dark? Perhaps the lights in your house have begun to flicker. Don’t be alarmed; these issues do not imply that your home is haunted.

They could, however, indicate that you should contact a residential electrician.

Weird Noises

If you begin to hear a strange buzzing noise, you should consider hiring an electrician.

We’ll figure out where the noise is coming from. This sound can indicate that you have loose screw terminals throughout your home. In other cases, the noise could be an indication of a wiring problem.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights could indicate that your home’s wiring is failing. Rats have been known to chew on the wires. The deterioration may have an effect on the electricity throughout your property. Flickering and dimming lights may also indicate an overloaded circuit.

Tripping Circuit Breaker

A constantly tripping circuit breaker is an annoyance to anyone in any home. What most homeowners aren’t aware of are the consequences this could have if not checked by a residential electrician. A tripping breaker could be caused by an overloaded circuit or fuse box problems.

Burning Smells

Is there a strange odor in your house that you can’t quite place? If something smells like it’s on fire (and no one is cooking), call emergency services immediately. Don’t put it off. A strange burning odor near an outlet or appliance could indicate that it is overheating.

Sparks & Shocks

Some homeowners experience a spark or a shock when plugging in various appliances> Now these might seem like they are small problems but left unattended, it could lead to something much bigger. Faulty wiring or damaged outlets could be the cause of the sparks and shocks. It’s best to unplug the appliance and call Lubbock Electricians Co.

Electrician Fixing Wires


In order to deliver the best services to industrial properties, we bring only the most experienced and proficient industrial electricians to your worksite.

From high-voltage systems to wiring an extra space for office space, we have the capacity to complete a wide number of services.


A power outage in the middle of the night or during the lunch hour of your restaurant business can be devastating.

Our team of pros is on call 24/7 for any electrical emergency

We make ourselves available because we know how stressful this can be.

What are the situations that call for an Emergency Electrician?


When a pipe bursts or your basement floods, contacting an electrician is probably the last thing on your mind. Water, on the other hand, can cause damage to your electrical system. If you enter your home to clean up the mess, you could receive a serious, life-threatening shock. Before re-entering your flooded or water-damaged home, consult an electrician.

Our professionals will shut off all the power in your home and check the extent of the damage. Once we deem it safe, you can enter your home and start cleaning up without having to worry about electrical issues.

Burnt or Smoking Outlets

Most modern electrical outlets are grounded, which means they have a third grounding wire that allows electricity to flow in another direction. As a result, they are safer than ungrounded outlets. Unfortunately, even a grounded outlet can start smoking, become hot to the touch, or burn.

Power Outage – But it’s only your house

Finally, if your lights are out but your neighbors have power, contact your local utility company to see if there is a problem with your service. If there is no problem, or if the power is only out in certain areas of your home, call an electrician right away. In addition to restoring power, the electrician can determine whether the cause of your outage is minor, such as a problem with the wiring in a specific room, or if a more serious problem, such as a faulty circuit breaker, exists.

Lubbock Electrician Fixing During Power Outage

Constant Hum or Buzzing Sound

That constant hum or buzzing is more than just an annoyance. Those noises could indicate a potentially dangerous electrical problem that needs to be addressed right away. Here are some of the causes of a strange humming or buzzing noise produced by your electricity:

  • Wiring that has not been properly grounded. Ground wires can vibrate and buzz if they become loose or are improperly installed. Hum can also be caused by an overloaded outlet.
  • Dimmer lights. Dimming the lights does not reduce the brightness of the bulb. Dimming causes the bulb to rapidly turn on and off, giving the impression that the lights have been dimmed. This constant on/off can produce a humming sound.

Circuit Breaker Problems. Humming coming from the circuit breaker is a sign a circuit is overloaded or a wire is loose.

Electrician Doing Electrical Inspection


Many renovations and remodels require rewiring or influence your wiring and electricity in some way. We can help without disrupting your life and fit any new electrical needs comfortably into your home.

Light Wire Installation


Lighting is one of our most sought-after services.  

Our range of services we offer includes everything from adding one lighting fixture inside your home to automatic lighting control, to fully wiring a new office property. Lighting may seem simple, but the truth is it can be a disaster if the work is not performed by quality electricians.

One of our local Lubbock electricians will absolutely do all lighting work to the highest standard. Our electricians don’t cut corners.


Our electricians can assist you with outlet or switch replacement and can go over all of the different options for style and convenience. In fact, we are also experts in shockproof GFI or GFCI outlets.

Not sure what they are? Call one of our electricians. They will be more than happy to. explain the pros and cons of each.

Honestly, I think i just searched “best in electrician companies near me” and Gosh was I happy to have found Lubbock Electrician Co. The team were extremely upfront with me about costs and time to complete the job. I would use them again FOR SURE.

Sue K. Lubbock

I own a horse stable and one afternoon the power shut out. I employee 10 people and no one could do barely any work. I called Lubbock Electrician Co. and within 35 minutes they were on my property. 20 minutes later we had power.

Baz K. Lubbock

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Electric Outlet Repair


A power outage in the middle of the night or during the lunch hour of your restaurant business can be devastating.

We understand that getting power back up fast is the difference between making money and losing money.

That’s why our team of pros are on call 24/7 for any electrical emergency

We know how important reliable power is to you and your business.

Electrical Safety Tips From Lubbock Electricians Co.

Here are some tips from our team of professionals that can offer you to keep you and your loved ones safe

Fire Extinguisher on Hand

Never use water to extinguish an electrical fire. Water contains electrically conductive sediment. Pouring water on an electrical fire can pose a significant shock risk to those attempting to extinguish the flames. Instead, keep a fire extinguisher rated for electrical fires on hand.

Have Enough Outlets

While extension cords are a great invention, there are just some appliances that need their own dedicated outlet. As much as possible have enough outlets to accommodate all of your appliances and electrical objects. If not, we’d be happy to install outlets in your home so you can be as safe as possible.

Outlet Safety

Aside from having enough outlets, you should make sure that they feel cool to the touch and are child-proofed if you have kids or pets.

Outlets should feel cool to the touch, warm or hot outlets indicate that there could be something wrong with the wiring. Immediately shut off the connection and call our licensed electricians.

Outlet covers are an inexpensive way to make sure that your child or pet is safe from electrical shocks.

Have Professionals Install Arc-Fault Circuit-Interrupters

Arc faults cause more than 28,000 home fires in the United States each year, killing and injuring hundreds of people, according to the Electrical Safety Council International. Arc-fault circuit interrupters aid in the prevention of these types of fires. Install these in your home with the help of an electrician.

Electrician Holding Cables


This will give you the power to control your electricity with your smartphone. Our electricians will connect your lighting, air conditioning, home security system, and more. If you are interested in learning more about automation or want to set it up, our professional electricians can help you.

Light Installation

Smart Home Starter Kit

Diving into the world of automated everything can be overwhelming to anyone but here are the top three items we electricians can recommend to you as a homeowner to begin your home automation journey.

Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs are among the simplest and most useful connected devices you can install in your home. They require no expertise other than the ability to enter a password into an app and instantly allow you to control nearly any light in your home wirelessly.

Many apps allow you to create Schedules or Routines in the app that will turn the lights on and off at the brightness level of your choice. Our favorite smart bulbs can also change color, allowing you to change the appearance of your room on the fly.

Smart Plugs

If you want to control a lamp, a fan, or even an air conditioner, a smart plug can provide you with wireless control. Smart plugs are small adapters that plug into a standard AC wall outlet and then into your appliance, allowing you to control it via a smartphone app.

Smart Speakers

Many people purchase smart speakers, such as the Amazon Echo or Google Nest Hub, to listen to music, check the weather, hear bad jokes, or stay in touch with family. A smart speaker, on the other hand, is an important and simple component of a smart-home system.

Consider it your smart home’s universal remote. Most popular smart-home devices (including the light bulb and plug mentioned above) can communicate with a smart speaker, allowing you to control your lights with a voice command.

Electrician Inspection Of Circuit Breaker


Did you know our electrical contractors can install an entire home surge protector for you? This will protect your entire house from an electrical surge. Surges can be caused by anything from expensive appliances to lighting. Make sure you never have to hire one of our emergency electricians by safeguarding your house today!


A circuit breaker cuts off your power if the electrical current is too strong. This helps to prevent electrical fires and house shocks. When one trips, the breaker can be reset without replacement. However, sometimes they need to be repaired or even replaced. It is always comforting to know that yours is working fine since it can protect you, your home, and your loved ones.


It gets hot here in Lubbock, but it is still nice to enjoy the Summer. Want to invite guests over but afraid they will be so uncomfortable from sweating in the sweltering heat? Install a luxurious ceiling fan so you can entertain even in the Summer! But get it done by a quality electrician. A poorly installed ceiling fan can spell disaster. 

Not only that, but ceiling fans can also help us feel warmer during the colder months and saves electricity! There is no reason not to install one today!

If you have a friend or family in neighboring Amarillo, we highly recommend our affiliates who are a ceiling fan and switch installation experts.


We use a lot more electricity than we used to with the increased use of cell phones, tablets, computers, and gaming systems. If you have an older home, your circuit breaker may not be equipped to take on the increased usage. Our electricians will update your electrical panel to make sure it will always work and remain safe.

Electrical Outlet Repair


Electrical vehicles are increasingly gaining traction. As they become increasingly popular, a greater number of people need chargers for their cars at home. Not every electrician in Lubbock offers this service, but we can install a charger for your electric vehicle in your garage. Having a charger at the ready will provide you the comfort in knowing you will always be able to power your vehicle up if you need to.

Electric Car Charger Repair
Electrician Installing A Smoke Detector


 For homes built before 1950, there is a decent chance you have cloth-insulated wiring. Over time, the cloth around the wiring can become brittle as it deteriorates. This becomes a serious hazard for electrical fires, so it is important to call an electrical company to check it out and replace it if needed. We have a team of electricians who are experts at just this thing.


Carbon monoxide can kill and you can’t smell it coming. Our electricians recommend you get this cost-effective protection for you and your family so you can always be prepared.



How long will the job take?

The answer to that question really depends on what you want to get done. Simple things like outlet replacements will take half an hour but installing a brand new one will take several hours to complete. To know more about how long a job will take, call us!

How much does an electrician cost?

Licensed electricians can charge between $50 and $100 per hour, depending on their level of experience, license type, and the complexity of the job. This does not include any additional costs for parts or minimum trip fees (which range from $25 to $75).

How much does it cost to install an electrical outlet?

To install a completely new outlet, you must first cut a hole in the wall to accommodate the metal housing. Additional wiring may also need to be run through the walls. Electrical outlet installation typically costs between $100 and $250 for parts and labor.

What types of services do you offer?

We offer a lot of services not just for residential properties but for commercial and industrial spaces too. We can and will install any appliance you need in your home/business in a safe and efficient manner. We can also come and check out your electric system to see if there are any red flags or things that should be replaced. Our professionals are also available 24/7 because electrical emergencies don’t just happen during business hours.

Can you do an electrical inspection?

Yes, we definitely can. To fully understand, we will explain the different types of electrical inspections and what is done during one of them.

Rough Electrical Inspection

Electrical panels and boxes, as well as wires and conduits, will be inspected. Our inspector will ensure that all wires are in good condition and that all fire hazards around conduits and electrical panels are removed. This typically occurs during the wiring and installation process, when all of these elements must pass before a wall can be closed or insulation installed.

Service Inspection

A licensed inspector will inspect the electrical service panel during this inspection to ensure that it has been properly installed and fastened. During this time, the inspector will also ensure that the electrical service panel is properly grounded. You run the risk of electric shock buildup if your panel is not properly grounded.

Final Inspection

Breakers will be installed or inspected during installation to ensure a fully functional electrical system. An inspector may run the electrical system through a series of trial runs to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

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Turn off lights when not being used

If you’re leaving a room or have more lights on than you need, simply get into the habit of turning them off when you’re not using them. During the day, you can also use natural light. To save even more energy, open those blinds and curtains and let the natural light in.

Switch to LED lights

LED lights use significantly less energy than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. They also have a much longer average lifespan. Switch to save money on your electric bills.


Cut back on too many cycles

Simple things like air-drying your clothes, turning off the heat-dry setting on your dishwasher, washing your clothes in cold water, and keeping your refrigerator/freezer at the proper temperature can all help you save energy.

Use and pay attention to thermostats

Thermostats are intended to control the temperature as well as effectively manage power consumption. Set it to a few degrees cooler in the winter and a few degrees hotter in the summer.

You won’t notice much of a difference, and you’ll use a lot less electricity as a result. Consider adding a timer to help you manage the temperature when you’re not at home or sleeping.


Consider Energy Efficient Appliances

To reduce the amount of electricity required to run appliances, look for ENERGY STAR ratings. Some energy-saving appliances and light fixtures may also qualify for rebates or tax credits.

Be more conscious about hot water usage

Whether you have a gas or electric water heater, you can benefit from reducing the amount of hot water you use. Take shorter showers, avoid leaving the water running while washing your hands or brushing your teeth, and repair any leaky faucets around the house.


Industrial Electrician Maintaining A Electrical System And Securing Wire Connection


Working on electrical systems can be complicated and dangerous. The list of things that could go wrong is virtually endless. It is always important to have sufficient knowledge and equipment. However, it is also crucial to map out the process before beginning electrical work. That’s where engaging electricians can be highly advantageous. 

Troubleshooting is always the first thing we do. We have to locate the problem, find the solution, and connect the two in the most effective, yet efficient, way. This is how we ensure the success of the project in less time and for less money than other Residential Lubbock Electricians.

We have a process that our electricians follow closely:

  • Our electricians gather information so that we can learn as much as possible about the electrical project. 
  • Then our electricians isolate the issue so that we understand what the problem is and what is causing it. This helps to ensure we only work on things that need to be repaired.
  • Next, our electricians Identify parameters in order to confirm where the malfunction is so that we can identify the source of the problem.
  • And then our electricians repair the component that we have identified in previous steps and then test it to make sure it is working properly.
  • Finally, our electricians analyze the issues that likely caused the problem in the first place so we can assist you further and prevent future malfunctions.

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Lubbock Electrician Fixing Wires


More and more people need our services to install professional landscape lighting. We can help you turn your boring yard into a gorgeous retreat. Good lighting can improve the curb appeal of your home and even increase its value! 

A well-lit yard is safer because it is harder to trip, fall, or twist an ankle. Also, people are much less likely to burglarize your property. 

We can help you highlight specific areas of your yard like your wonderful flowers or luscious trees. We can also light up your deck to your liking so that you can host parties or nighttime dinners. There are many reasons to install landscape lighting and all of them are good!

All Your Electrical Needs & Emergencies Handled



Our Friendly Electricians

Master Electricians

Our teams of local Lubbock Based commercial electricians are supervised by a master electrician. Our master electricians are highly experienced and qualified to lead the apprentice and general electricians to ensure the job is done right.

Journeyman Electricians

These electricians are skilled with overhead electrical lines, security systems, mechanical connections, lighting, and power. They often have a background in construction in addition to electrical.


Our electrician apprentices will assist the master electrician and journeyman electricians while they learn the trade. Electrician apprentices work hard, go to class, and help our master electricians in order to become journeymen. Among other things, they can help install wiring, conduits, and security systems.

Friendly Lubbock Electrician


We give the city of Lubbock a way to connect with an electrician 24-hours a day, seven days a week

And if you’re needing an electrician, free estimate, please do not hesitate to contact us via the form on this page or our phone number. 

We always stand behind any work we do and is a big reason why the vast majority of our business are repeat customers. Proudly Lubbock electricians.

About Lubbock, TX

Texas, a state in the United States, has Lubbock as its eleventh-most populated city and as its county seat. The city will have 257,141 residents in 2020, ranking it as the 86th most populous in the country. The city is situated at the economic hub of the Lubbock metropolitan area, which is expected to have a population of 327,424 in 2020. The region is known historically, geographically, and biologically as the Llano Estacado and ecologically is part of the southern end of the High Plains. Northwestern Texas, Lubbock County’s seat since 1891, is a city located about 120 miles (190 kilometers) south of Amarillo. The South Plains’ commercial center is there. It was established in 1890 from Old Lubbock and Monterey and given the name Lubbock after Col. Tom S. Lubbock, a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Originally, it was a center for ranching, but artesian well water allowed mixed farming to spread across the plains, which are now home to both cotton and grain in addition to cattle.

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